When I started William Avery Photography in the beginning of 2015, I had a dream of doing photography full-time. I strived to learn as much as I could in order to turn that passion I had into a living. Over the next few years I would immerse myself in photography education and gaining as much experience in various genres as possible. I felt comfortable leaving my full-time job a couple years ago in order to pursue photography further. It’s been such a fun journey and I have learned so much more these past two years (some things the hard way!). I went from a dream I had some 5 years ago to doing over six figures in sales my second year of full-time photography. There were so many people along the way who were a part of my maturation as a photographer and helped me to get where I am today. And now I want to be that for others! I want to take what I’ve learned and help fellow photographers get to the same place. That place where their dream becomes a reality!

*See below for mentoring options and at the bottom of this page to reach out to me!

 Mentoring Options

Ground-Up (8 hours) – $1200

A Ground-Up Mentorship is an opportunity to learn the basics of starting a photography business all the way up to successfully running and maintaining a growing business. We will spend a productive day together starting with an initial meeting to get to know one another over lunch on me. We’ll discuss where you are in your photography journey and where you would like to go. You will send me a list of topics/questions you would like to discuss before this meeting. We can dive into anything such as learning your camera, composition, starting and running a successful business, booking process with clients, image critique, social media, advertising, workflow, videography, post production, off camera lighting, posing + directing, etc. Nothing is off the table!!!

After that meeting we will go on a photoshoot together. This can be an engagement/couples or portrait shoot. It will be a great hands-on experience where you see how I work a photoshoot from posing to composition to lighting, etc. I will be all ears and will answer any questions you may have. 

We will meet over coffee (on me AGAIN!) to discuss the photoshoot, image critique, go over workflow directly after shooting, and post production. 

– Additional hours available at $115 per hour.
– I am available to travel – travel and lodging fees are additional.

Hands On ( 4 hours) – $650

If you’re someone who is a hands-on learner, let’s do a session together and I can show you how I use light and location, as well as how I direct and interact with my clients. I will then allow you to take over the shoot as I help coach you along. This session will begin with an hour meeting to discuss where you currently are in your journey followed by two hours of hands-on photography and an hour follow-up meeting to discuss the photoshoot, image critique, go over workflow directly after shooting, and post production.

Pick My Brain – $175/hr

Just interested in sitting down with me and discussing all things photography??? We’ll meet over coffee on me and discuss anything you would like.  Sessions can be on any topic from photography to workflow to business. I’ll have you send me a list of topics/questions you would like to discuss before this meeting 

* See Ground-Up Mentorship section above for consultation topics.

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